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The world, with everything in it, including “my” (and everyone’s) body (including the brain), is a never happened story, it is just a dream in the mind (not in the brain) which in its self is also a dream. And dreams are dreams, are dreams, are dreams, are dreams, never to become Reality.
Within this dream concept the whole thing is “a never ending story”, because it never began. the whole thing is just the answer, the effect to the impossible wish to be separated from Reality, Oneness, Love, God.
Only this one hidden wish keeps this impossible dream of separation going.
Until the mind is ready to let this impossible dream go and is ready to remember back into God, where it never left in the first place.
And this will “happen” inevitably, because it never really happened.

So seemingly trapped in this never happened, seemingly never ending dream the only real question would be: “what is it for?”: to keep the separation intact, or remembering back in Reality”.

That would be the only proper question to ask with everything that seems to happen in the dream, this seemingly “my” so called life.
There is no investigation needed in the outcome only in the minds input;
what is it for, and then choose again: ego or Holy Spirit, fear or Love. And the (dream) effects of this choice will “look after itself”.
There is nothing more to “do” than this: choose again, and again, and again, and again…

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