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A tip for English-language readers, I found a translation website with which you can have Dutch texts converted into English. I think the results are pretty good as far as I can see.
It is worth a try:

Good luck.



Een tip voor Engels-talige lezers, Ik vond een vertaal website waarmee je Nederlandse teksten om kunt laten zetten in het Engels. Ik vind de resultaten behoorlijk goed voor zover ik dat kan beoordelen.
Het is de moeite waard om het eens te proberen:




Update about third book from Gary

Hi Friends, I want to update you on the status of my third book, “Love Has Forgotten No one” (LHFNO). (My buddy and fellow podcast host, Gene Bogart, joked that I should re-name it, “Love Has Still Forgotten No One”). I’m going through the manuscript for what I think is the 5th time plus working on the ending. It’s almost done but I can’t give you a release date until I turn it in to Hay House, which has the first right to publish it. They will decide the release date. The book will become available no matter what, and when it does I’ll be there to support it one hundred per cent as usual. Rogier Van Vlissingen has already translated the first half of the book into Dutch, and we’re both on the same page that this is a very exciting project.

I want to emphasize that although my Teachers, Arten and Pursah, Guided me to have the book out much sooner, it was not their Guidance but my own inability to deliver that caused the delays. I apologize for those delays. Traveling the extreme way that I do can beat you up. I’m not complaining, just stating what appears to happen in the illusion. Delays happen (although I admit this one has been too long.) This is a bigger forgiveness lesson for me than it is for you. Still, I can’t help but think of the times when Ken Wapnick, known as the Course’s greatest scholar, would announce a publication date for one of his books in his Newsletter, “The Lighthouse,” (especially in the late 90s) and it wouldn’t come out until a long time later. Such is life. But I want to explain to you a couple of the reasons it happened in this case. There’s more, which is personal, but the time I spend traveling plus the things below are the major factors.  

I’ve been Guided through many corrections of minor mistakes (fortunately not major ones) in the book during the last year by A & P. This book is the first time they didn’t permit me to tape record their conversations (as you’ll see in the book.) This, combined with my schedule, made the writing of this book more difficult for me. I can see now that they did this to help me in my own personal devolopment in regards to hearing them, not so much during our “in person” conversations, but in between them, without recordings, when they were not present in their seemingly physical bodies. The conversations in the books are given to me, but I write my narration, notes, and organize the material. This is what makes the books the story of my life.

A & P’s Voices are actually the One Voice of the Holy Spirit, (see the end of The Disappearance of the Universe) and their approach and editing for this book was in keeping with their method of always helping me along my path at the fastest rate possible. My ability to hear The Voice has been aided by this project beyond comprehension. This will make the writing of future books faster and easier. You’ll see that in LHFNO we also discuss the difference between people hearing the Holy Spirit’s Voice filtered by their own ego, as opposed to hearing it purely..

When the book does come out, I hope you’ll think it was worth the wait.. I’m very excited about it for many reasons, which I trust you’ll see.. Also, I’m adjusting my traveling schedule to permit me to fulfill Arten and Pursah’s Guidance that I do a book every year. That may seem extreme, but it is possible. And that doesn’t mean I won’t be traveling and speaking a lot, but I sense there are just as many surprises coming up for all of us in that area as there are in the next book. 

There were personal stories that needed to be told, and they all fit together like a hologram. The book tells all about my relationship with Karen, my former wife (with her permission and support) and the story of Cindy and I (BTW, thanks for all of your kind congratulations on our upcoming marraige) and how the lifetimes of Thomas and Thaddaeus, Cindy and I, and Arten and Pursah all fit together in what A Course in Miracles describes as, “An interlocking chain of forgiveness.”

I hope you’ll be a little more patient, enjoy other things in the meantime such as my CD, “Fearless Love”, the movie I’m in, “Leap!” my DVDs, teleconferences, etc. I’ll give you a final date for the book release, but only when I’m certain about what it is. Thanks for all of your support and friendship.

Love, Gary

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