Het probleem is niet wat we dissociëren maar dat we dissociëren.


“Freud’s mistake was in thinking the problem was ‘what’ a person dissociates – that there is something rotten there that must be looked at. He failed to recognize that there is nothing rotten. In contrast to Freud, Jesus says, to repeat this central point, that the problem is not ‘what’ we dissociate but ‘that’ we dissociate. In other words, it does not matter what we split off and what we do not want to look at. The problem is simply that we are splitting off, that we are actively choosing to separate. This is where the guilt is, because it is reminiscent, as is everything in the world, of the original splitting off from our Source. Similarly, defenses are not the problem; it is the idea that we think we need defenses that is the problem. It makes no sense, after all, to defend against a problem that is not…

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