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Interview door Susan Dugan met Rosemarie LoSasso. Zij is een van de medewerkers rond Gloria en Kenneth Wapnick bij de Foundation For A Course in Miracles. Rosemarie werkte en werkt nog steeds als leraar en als editor van al Kenneth Wapnicks werk.
Het interview is te lezen onder deze link:

I especialy liked the passages of this interview with Rosemarie, that talks about looking with J to this tremendes fear that is hidden behind every thought and daily experiences. This says it all:

Susan: “Right. And I know I’ve also heard you say a lot and you’ve said it to me that even though it’s counterintuitive, it’s important to stay with the painful emotion and not try to flee it.

Rosemarie: Yes, not try to judge it or fix it or make it go away. I really think that’s what it means to look with Jesus, because when you look with Jesus’ love, you’re not going to judge. You’re going to eventually be able to accept that nothing but that love is real. So if you have a very uncomfortable emotion that is so uncomfortable that you can’t even stay with it, then you’re saying something other than love is real and are reacting to it as if it were real.
When you allow yourself to stay with the discomfort of whatever the emotion is—the fear, the terror—even if you have to force yourself to do that, if you can do that and have just an instant of feeling OK with being there, then I think you’re learning that that can’t be who you are. And that’s what we want to learn, that detachment from, that disassociating of the ego. That’s not who I am. So when you can allow yourself to be present to an emotion, however uncomfortable it is, without trying to fix it or change it or judge it, I think you’re learning that’s not who you are. You’re looking at something that does not represent the truth about you so you can then learn to look at it without fear, without judging, and that strengthens your identification with the right mind. I think that’s really an essential part of what it means to look within with Jesus at whatever you think is there, without judging it as real.”

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