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En weer heeft Susan Dugan een geweldig interview gepubliceerd met een van de stafleden van de Foundation For A Course in Miracles.
Deze keer met Rosemarie LoSasso.
En weer zo verhelderend, vooral erg mooi zoals Rosemarie beschrijft hoe de Foundation werd en nog steeds onveranderlijk wordt geleid. Susan zegt hierover tijdens het gesprek:

‘I remember listening to a CD set where he talked about the orchestra and some letter he wrote to the staff quoting a conductor. The idea was that no one instrument, one voice, is more important than another. Each, although different in form, is integral to the whole. He used that analogy to illustrate how joining with the wholeness of our conductor, our inner teacher, allows us to kind of disappear into the beauty of the whole music. “Not to be seen, but known,” as Jesus puts it so movingly in “The Lifting of the Veil” section at the end of “The Obstacles to Peace.” And he also talked about how the motto for the Foundation he and Gloria stood by was always: “People first.” ‘

En Rosemarie die hier weer op voortborduurt…

Zie het hele interview:

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