Dagelijks archief: oktober 2, 2014

Leuke opwindende nieuwtjes van de Foundation for A Course in Miracles, en dan vooral de aankondiging van het lang verwachtte ‘Journey Through The Text of A Course in Miracles’! :

The Foundation is pleased to announce publication of Dr. Kenneth Wapnick’s last class, “Taking the Ego Lightly: Protecting Our Projections” in book form. The book will be available at our Online Bookstore on October 13.

A new item available for sale now is “The Four Splits of Separation Revisited” in DVD format.

The Foundation will be presenting a 3-Day Academy class “Change versus Changelessness” from Sunday October 12 through Tuesday October 14. Staff members Jeffrey Seibert, Loral Reeves, and Rosemarie LoSasso will be teaching.

Be on the lookout for our November email message where we hope to announce availability of the long-awaited “Journey through the Text of ‘A Course in Miracles'” by Dr. Kenneth Wapnick on November 3, 2014.

And finally, our Winter Schedule is now posted, and can be viewed on our website.

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