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Next Wednesday 8/21 at 9 AM there will be a small webinar on Margot’s article “All the Money Belongs to Everyone,”:  . A few spots left open…
Intro to Margot Krikhaar, and discussion of the article, with Rogier van Vlissingen (the alleged translator of Gary Renard into Dutch and Margot Krikhaar into English), Lenore Ditmar (proofreader of Rogier’s translations of Margot), Ken Bok (of “ACIM Explained” fame) as MC, and Alex Marchand (Of “The Universe is a Dream,” and “Dissolving Dollars” fame).

Here is the link:
It is recommended to read both the article and Ken Wapnick’s book on Form versus Content – sex and money first.

LET OP: Als je vanuit Nederland mee wilt doen let dan op het tijdsverschil (6 uur). De webinar zal hier om 15.00u beginnen.

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