A thought

There are only thoughts, you are thinking thoughts, because you are a thought, you are only able to think, not with the brain, but with the mind. You can’t do anything else but think, because that is what you are; THOUGHT, everything you ‘see’ is a projected thought, the brain is a projected thought, with only one function to hide that you ARE only thought a thought from the mind.


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  1. liesje56knegt zei:

    @andysibilia – ‘We’, the awakened mind, that woke up from dreaming separate dreams from out seemingly separate minds, have now only one purpose, one function, one goal and that is extending the Love of God, through letting our former projections (from the ego mind) now use by the Holy Spirit, and Jesus, both symbols and bridges of Oneness, and representatives of what ‘we’ the mind really are (IS), as channels which will extend messages of Love through the whole mind, with only one purpose remembering back into Oneness.


  2. We are everything within our infinity and what was once a time to learn who we really are becomes a time when we share everything we really are with oneself and another. The physical body was once a symbol of separation and limitations as our unconditional and infinite love changes its meaning towards one of unity and oneness within harmony and certainty. We are everything in everything and can do anything but truly change our reality, yet we can deny it or extend it anyway we desire that can recreate unconditional love and within the physical body such desired effect can be achieved through infinity patience, faith and trust within all our hopes of love that we can all share as one.


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